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Set in 2051, it offers the chance to take a leap into the future of the original PUBG. The main goal seems to be to develop the game further, and while you will be able to go through new maps and game modes from the original game, it looks like there will be some fundamental differences between the games. It will remain a Battle Royale title, but nevertheless, it looks like you will still be able to use some of the experience from the first game. 

In this article, we talked about the recently announced PUBG: New State and what it means. More features are yet to come, but here's what we know so far about the new mechanics of the game. The game is expected to retain the same Battle Royale format for which it is known.

Before we delve into the newly announced PUBG: New State, let's take a quick look at PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. The game will appear exclusively on mobile devices, which means that it is a continuation of the existing PPUG on mobile devices. 

If you have problems connecting to PUBG servers or other performance issues, the game may be blocked in your country if you are in a different region. 

The makers of PUBG are nearing the launch of their next mobile game, New State, and need us alpha testers to shake off the title bugs. Krafton, the parent company of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, has announced plans to conduct a closed alpha test for the game they have been working on in recent years. The new state is scheduled to take effect in 2021, but in the meantime, the Alpha test is scheduled to begin on June 11.

Players can get the latest information about the game by pre-registering on the Google Play and App Store today and pre-ordering at a later time. Registration for the Closed Alpha Test is expected to go online in the next few days, but there are a few important things to consider. Firstly, applications are already underway and easy to obtain, although there are some very tight entry requirements. Players can expect the same combat experience, which is easy to learn and difficult to master, by using and adopting the first-class weapon game that became popular in the original PUBG game. Battle Royale (PUBG) fans will have a whole new experience. Players can drop by, explore new maps, expand the story, and experience graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming, master the best dynamic shooting game on the market and enjoy the next generation of survival features and ever-evolving battlegrounds.

The game will be developed by PUBG Studios, pioneers of the Battle Royale genre and creators of PPUG, and it will be available for free on Android and iOS in 2021. Those interested in the game can register on the Google Play Store page, which is available here. Registration is now complete, and an alpha test will start in a few days, Krafton announced in a video today. The game is a new Battle Royale game that comes after the release of PUBG Mobile (2018) and PPUG Mobile Lite (2020) on Android. The game is being developed by PUGG Studios, the creators of the original PC hit, and Tencent, which is also teaming up with PUDG Mobile. In many ways, the game is very similar to the original PC hit and dwarfs it in terms of revenue (it was the most profitable mobile game in May 2020), so it makes sense for the original creators of PUBG to put more emphasis on its profitable mobile player base. 

Don't forget that Vanilla PUBG is still very much in the minds of the team, so ask what qualities you want to see in the future. This tweet is in line with a report in January that a mobile game should be released later this year and that the game will be released sometime next year. PUBG's sequel, in one form or another, is scheduled for release in 2022 for both PC and console. With the announcement of the official release date of PUBG: New State, we can expect it to be released sometime in 2021 for iOS and Android. Players will be able to take part in the Alpha Test in 2021 before its full release, but we don't know when that will happen. The company has also issued a pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile in India.

The game takes place in 2051, where players use state-of-the-art weapons to defeat their enemies. New State there is an 8 x 8 km map called Troi, where over 100 players have landed and are fighting to be the last to stand. Predictably, at the start of the game, 100 players will fall on the map and fight until the last survivor is standing. The action takes place in the Blue Zone, a huge circular area that gets smaller with each game, meaning that players can move or reside freely. Within the shrinking blue zone, players will find weapons, vehicles, and consumables to gain control. 

They will be able to loot buildings for weapons and other consumables to help them fight other players, command vehicles to cycle the map at higher speeds, and run over some enemies along the way. The new game also features a Weapon Adjustment feature, where players can create different weapons themselves or receive customization sets. Realistic and dynamic shooting game: Enjoy realistic shooting games optimized for mobile games. PUBG Mobile uses a technology called Global Illumination, which promises ultra-realistic graphics, as we are accustomed to from mobile games. Not only does the game look better, Krafton, Inc. also says it plays like a competition shooter.

The original PUBG, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, is credited with starting the Battle Royale video game trend. Mechanically, PPUG Mobile introduces a new element into the proven Battle Royales genre. The original and highly successful Batt Battlegrounds, a PUPG game that is said to have triggered the Battle Royale frenzy of recent years, is finally getting a new title and is coming to mobile devices.The new game is a completely different game from what we saw in the original PUBG universe (also known as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds). It takes place in a different time and has some unique features that were the first on the phone since the original game, and is a title that was made by the original development company

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